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Group & Submission Rules, etc.

Why is the group called CelestiaCord? Shouldn't it be Dislestia?

Technically, if you want to go on name pairing usages, CelestiaCord does in fact work. However, there was a Founder before me, who first had the guts to make this group. She was the one who chose the name and is no longer a part of this group (as far as I know?) She was also the one who handed me the position of Founder, when she stepped down. Initially, I really wished groups could alter or change their names like you can now for dA usernames, but even if we could, one of our sister groups (the third one) already took the name Dislestia.

On a side note, discordXcelestia is our middle sister group.
So yes, this does in fact make CelestiaCord the first and oldest running group for Discord/Celestia.

1/18/14: And welcome our youngest sister group ShipDiscordCelestia ~ !

In Order to Join:

1. You must like the pairing. I mean, what point is there in joining a shipping group, if you do not like the pairing?
2. We won't press it too much, but if you wish to join, we would like you to at least try to contribute in some way (submitting fanart, fanfiction, etc). We would love as many members as possible, but if you don't think you can do this, then simply just watch the group. :)
3. No flaming. OPINIONS are always more than welcome here, but nopony likes flamers, so why bother? Don't even try it.
Random Stamps : Challenge Accepted Celestia by Kevfin

Q & A Concerning Art Submission

Q: Are the mane six not allowed in the pictures or fanfiction of this group?
A: Of course they are allowed. And so can Princess Luna, or any of the other characters (be that canon or original characters). We just ask that Princess Celestia and Discord be the main focus of the picture and fanfiction. If you have a picture or fanfiction like this and the two aren't the main focus, we just won't accept such.

Q: Is mature-themed art or written work between the two allowed?
A: It sure is. If you notice, one of the folders of the group is labeled "Suggestive Art". Mature art is fine in this group, but if it's say way over the top, too detailed, or just plain gruesome - and something you overall would think DA would not allow, then we probably won't accept such kind of art.

Q: Would a picture of only Discord or of only Celestia be allowed?
A: I have finally made a decision on this. Yes, single picture portraits of either two alone are allowed in this group. HOWEVER, don't join the group if that is all you will do, and not draw the pairing itself. Chocolate milk for thought. ;)

:icondiscord-plz: :iconmlp-discordplz: :icondiscordderpfaceplz: :icondiscordishappyplz: :icondiscordumadplz: :icondiscordismadplz: :iconhappydiscordplz: :icondiscordderpplz: :icondiscordtrollfaceplz: :iconfancydiscordplz: :iconeris-plz: :icondiscordshrugplz: :icondrinkingtheglassplz: :icondiscordomgwtfbbqplz: :iconbadassdiscordplz: :icondiscorddanceplz:

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:iconcelestialaplz: :icondiscordlaplz:

Princess Celestia flying by Botchan-MLP Discord idle by Botchan-MLP
///EDIT///: For those who haven't noticed yet, I recently posted to the side on my story that I'm going to be re-tweaking the first two chapters of my story (I finally got a response from one of the Contributors and staff members from the FIMfiction group "Twilight's Library" :
(… ); I submitted my story back with that group in late-September). I never found out if my story ever made the cut or not, nor did I find any "reject" issue of it in their threads. Though I found some constructive criticism a couple of the staff had towards my story today, and I'm wanting to fix those issues they had with the story thus far. The longer I think about it, it all actually makes sense, and the criticisms weren't by all means bad. They didn't even deem it a dud or a failure for a story. In fact, they saw potentials for a great story, only that it had a leering situation at the beginning. Far be it that I care what some people may say towards my stories, but if there's one thing I value - is improving and making something of my own better.

Of course the leering problem was IRONICALLY the pacing (which I had a weird instinct there was a problem with, imagine that :P) but only for the first couple chapters. Apparently the third chapter was fine as it was and they said how I write Discord's character is spot on. Eee~ what a compliment ~

Fortunately pace issues can be easily fixed. Sometimes when you look back at something you did, you spot things you hadn't when first posting it. Ugh... I am so out of practice of writing serious length to a story... :dead: It'll come back to me, promise.

So, if you were going to read this, I'd hold off until I finish tweaking the first two chapters for sake of improved pacing (and it's going to be enough change with it where if you did already read it, you'll need to re-read the chapters anyway. You'd miss some connections as the story progresses, which is never a good thing). Hey, I'm just looking out for you guys. :)

If anyone's interested, I can keep you all up to date when these tweakings will be finished (I'm going to have to have a chat with my betas' so it may be a little while, but it shouldn't be for too long).

So... deuces and stuff. Wish me luck and stuff. I've always deemed this story as a "big project" for me.

= = = = = = = =

Hello, guys! Long time no see. :) Well, it hasn't been too long, but as far as activity in this group beyond submissions go, then I suppose it has been sort of... ^^;
Don't worry, apart from some life, nothing has changed with your Founder. She's as passionate and energetic with Dislestia as ever. ; D

I'd also love to resume with another contest for this best ship and group, but I feel like any prizes I could come up with at this time would be pretty cheap for any of you that might be interested in participating (unless you guys would like to enter a contest with low-end prizes, or dare I just say for fun?) I even thought of some actual form of merchandise prizes, but everything I get I don't want to give up right now (or I'd rather give it up via a bid or eBay and not for free, or am unable to buy a duplicate at this time). I'd love to fork some cool prizes, but at this time my finances are a bit on the tight side (been trying to get myself physically together with a trainer at a 24 Hour Fitness fairly recently, so combine that with other finances... which is also why this group has not returned to being a Super Group, just yet.) Again, if you guys feel up to a contest but less on the prizes and more for fun, let me know by all means. :nod: Or... my staff could help me figure something out. *Coughs towards her Co-Founders and Contributors*

(Don't worry, it's nothing personally dire or serious, but please read on anyway)

I need for anyone (or everyone, which would be pretty sweet but I'm not gonna push it) who likes reading fanfiction to take a gander at my first MLP:FIM fanfiction that I've been in the works with for a little time now (the main ship builds towards Dislestia but I don't plan to rush it, cuz... character development's fun :B)

Here's the link to the story:…
And don't worry, I have a pre-reader and two beta that help me clean it up where I need it, so the content should be decent at the very least. :XD:

If you have a FIMfiction account, by all means leave a comment on the story itself. :) If you don't, then just leave a comment in this blog entry.

As long as it's been since I last updated the story, I really have been still working with the story itself a lot (whenever I'm legitimately stuck on a chapter, I alternatively work towards ideas and future themes in the story, or even potential character designs. Although some complications have occurred due to life-related reasons, I've still worked on the story in some shape or form.)

Moving on, the reason I need those who enjoy reading fanfiction's help by looking at my story is because I need some further input on the chapters I have posted, thus far.

Although, there is a more specific question I seek the most: How is the pacing? Does it seem to flow well, or does it feel like it slows down at times? Or is it actually overall good?

The reason I need to know is for some reason, I've had some doubts that consist of whether I should have jumped things a bit quicker or not (as far as action and plot go), and whether I should have redone the beginning or not. Co-Founder mattwilson83 has constantly told me it's fine as it is and it probably is, but the more feedback the merrier I think and would still help me a bunch. :nod: Of course, I tend to be pretty OCD  and over critical as far as my personal works go (fanfiction or not), so sometimes my rising doubts are a result of overthinking compulsion or feeling something of mine isn't good enough. :P This is also where my need for additional feedback comes in.

If you have that time to spare, I would appreciate it a whole lot. Like, a great deal. I love to write, so of course I love to see if my efforts are really good, or even in the worst case if one does not like it.

Once again, here's the link:…
And also, if you have a FIMfiction account, I'd love if you left a comment on the story itself. Or if you don't, just leave a comment in this blog.

Once again and to those who can spare the time: Thanks so much! It means more than the world to me if any of you are able to. :iconcelestiawubplz: :icondiscordderpfaceplz:

Your Founder,
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Group Info

Hey there! Welcome to the shipping group of Princess Celestia and Discord from MLP: Friendship is Magic!

Why do we ship these two? Is it because they're both magical? Is it because they're both basically technical immortals? Could it be you feel they had a bit of a past? Perhaps you think they had some romantic chemistry during their past? Or, could it possibly be because they are the best troll duo ever? There are many different reasons, but no matter what the reason is, we just do. Join if you support this shipping and have fun, guys!
Founded 3 Years ago
Sep 19, 2011


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1,297 Members
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Discord x Celestia by Miss-Dicess

Welcome to CelestiaCord! I'm DemonKaizoku, the founder of this club, and I just wanted to let you know that if you ever want to contact me about something, contact me at:

deviantArt: My main account DemonKaizoku
Head Co-Founder's account: mattwilson83
Second Co-Founder's account: ILoveKimPossibleAlot

Contact me at any of the places listed above, if you have any suggestions, questions, or concerns.

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To the shipers of this fine battleship.

If you were to make a discord x celestia episode.

What would the plot be.
Silvy-Fret Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
But if I did that, I'd end up writing an entire fanfic in one comment...

...not to mention my mind is infested with ideas ;-;
DemonKaizoku Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh my. Where to start ~ where to start ~ :icondiscordishappyplz:

:lol: ~
Thechaosmaster64 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2014
Let's hear some ideas then.
Amazingdoodlenoodle Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2014
Did you guys see the new Welovefine figurine...?

My Dislestian heart is burning....

Though my dad helped by saying it looked like the dragon was going to eat the pony XD
StePandy Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2014
No comics or anything else can beat this scene:
Discord is giving Celestia flowers by Lora-Does-Ponies

However, remember that even the original writers of the show ships DxC Cute Emoticon Blushing 
DemonKaizoku Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I hardly see no reason to feel threatened by it, as it's based on a shirt design (nor Issue 24). It's burning because we need a figure involving Discord and Celestia too. ;P
KekGeneral Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2014
Sorry guys but it look that newest comic hint at Discord being attracted to Fluttershy. Will have to reconsider your headcanons
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